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We are a small group of people who are interested in education according to the teachings of Lord Buddha. by adhering to the correctness guidelines according to the Trisikkha which is to understand according to the hierarchy  


We are of the opinion that If we listen to the teachings not openly does not study all aspects There is not enough reading of the scriptures. And we did not find a teacher who spoke the Dharma profoundly. It may be a reason to study the wrong way.


We have met and listened to the teachings of the two masters.   is

Phra Ajarn Sombat Nanthiko and Phra Ajarn Santi Uttamapunyo

We appreciate the truthful teachings of the Scriptures. I listened and listened again until I was convinced that the teachings of the two teachers clearly conveyed the teachings of the Blessed One. It is very useful to the listeners and has a great contribution to the succession of the religion. Therefore, we come together to bring those teachings to spread to the general public as alms. and would like to be a channel for disseminating the public to hear things that are beneficial to life without expecting anything in return

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