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Anyone wishing to offer the Tripitaka
in the matching project offering the Tripitaka

1. Please select the name of the person you want to donate and the book you want to donate. From the table below (click now)

2. Inform the recipient's name and book number to the admin by filling out the form on the right-hand side or informing the LINE admin.
at Line ID DT1706 or
Click on this line icon.
or scan this QR Code

  • Line

3. The admin will register to prepare the offering according to the list of destination recipients as you have informed.

4. Then the admin will inform the price, including the dealer's bank account number, which is the Mahamakut Rajavithi Book Center Foundation. Go back to LINE or your phone. for you to transfer money directly to the Foundation

5. After that, ask you to send the money transfer slip to the admin via Line, where the admin will forward it to the foundation. to coordinate delivery to the recipient directly

Matchmaking project
offering to the Tripitaka

Starting August 31, 2022

Sathu Amon

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waiting for the host

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Summary of names that have been donated

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