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Flash Drive 32GB 
combine soundDharma lecture
By Por Jor. Sombat Nanthiko

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24 hours free dharma listening website



free giveaway 
Benjapakee series of 5 books
Compiled by Colonel Thongchai Saengrat

หนังสือปัญหาชีวิตของสัตว์โลก 150x214.jpg
หนังสือกรรมและวิบาก หน้าปก 150x218.jpg
หนังสือโยนิโสมนสิการ หน้าปก 150x214.jpg
หนังสือวิปัสสนาสมัยพุทธกาล กับ วิปัสสนายุคปัจจุบัน หน้าปก 150x214.jpg
หนังสือกายานุปัสสนาสติปัฎฐาน อิริยาบถบรรพ หน้าปก 150x214.jpg

source of Flash drive with Dharma audio narration
By Por Jor. Sombat Nanthiko, total 1,862 hours.

The voice of Phra Arjarn Sombat Nantiko that appears in all social media channels Including broadcasting on AM and FM radio, many of you can listen to good things, have charity and create wisdom throughout the country. All were born from faith, Wiriya, perseverance in recording Dharma lectures of Por Jor Sombat from 1999-2002 by Uncle Khun Thongchai Saengrat and Dr. Jutharat (Mor Lot) in Chiang Mai and some from Raktham Foundation, in the time when Por Mon. comes to teach in Bangkok for almost another year 

Then uncle gave all the recorded sound to the Raktham Foundation. Later, Rak Tham Foundation uploaded the audio clip of Por Mon to the website (no longer available) and broadcasted it via radio. AM 


After the Foundation has made 5 pieces of Micro SD Card with the title, arrange the sound set, put the sound of the table of contents.


Then uncle asked for permission from the foundation to bring 5 pieces of cards (SD Cards) to change them to flash drives (Flash Drive) 5 give away for freewith a radio / MP3 player, which has been distributed to hundreds of sets

Later, Nongkai (Tasney Gemcharoen) offers to help collapse the total of 5 drives into a single 32 GB flash drive. In order to facilitate the distribution of dharma offerings and worshiping the Triple Gem since the year 2563 until the present (as of August 19, 2022), approximately 8,000 sets have been distributed. Thank you to everyone who participated. come here

source of trisikkha website

With the consensus of Phi Werayut Santayanon, Prachuen Saengsuk, Khun Saowanee Namwichai, Dr. Duangthip Haruthaiwichitchoke, Sunthon, who has a lot of merit and wisdom from listening to the Dharma according to the Tripitaka. Narrated by Phra Ajahn Sombat Nantiko that

1. We have listened. I want others to listen too. If you don't listen, it's a great pity in life.

2. It is always possible that the website may be closed. How can Phra Ajahn Sombat Nanthiko's voice be transmitted to the hands of the benefactors as long as possible? 


Pee Wee gathered the voices of Phra Ajarn Sombat Nantiko and a monk. Let's give away the three of us to help upload them into the system.SoundCloud


Then Pee Wee and his three heirs helped to create the Trisikkha website, where Pee Wee was responsible for all expenses.


When Pee Wee left this world on September 21, 2018, Wee's heirs, we and social media followers have made merit to help take care of and contribute to the maintenance of Trisikkha website until now.

source of Benjapakee series of 5 books
Uncle Colonel Thongchai Saengrat is the author of all 5 books by referring to the Tripitaka which is

1. Life problems of the animal world
2. Karma and Karma
3. Yonisomanasikan
4. Kayanupassana satipatthana, posture
5. Vipassana of the Buddha's time and the present


with Mr. Santi Techakarakul as a co-sponsor of the main fund together with other believers in the publication of Dharma Tan which has been given to volunteers to deliver to interested parties in various channels

The project to offer the Tripitaka and
Radio/MP3 player to listen to dharma lectures
For monks or female priests 

Matchmaking project offering Tripitaka to monks, novices and women priests

Radio/MP3 Player Dedication Projectfor plugging in a flash drive
T-205 FM RADIO-USB/SD/TF Portable Audio System

Pay respect to the Monsignor and the monks who intend to study the Mahamakut Raja College of Tipitaka.

Please inform the book number you want in the form on this web page.

or in line trisikkha group
or add friends with Line ID: dt17016 

or scan the QR Code below 
or press the LINE logo button below

The project will be donated one book at a time. When you finish reading, you can notify the new book.


Offered to all monks and priests for free, 1 device per person.


As for those who are not monks and women priests Please supply your own MP3 player.
You can buy it at any online shopping website. Or you can plug in directly from your computer.

and if you want to join this merit together You can purchase radios for monks and priests by yourself. That will help support more access to the Tipitaka of monks and women priests together. Amen.

You are invited to send your name, address, phone number to this form to receive a book or flash drive or radio MP3 .(Free distribution by Colonel Thongchai Sangrat and team) or Tripitaka(from the contributor)


พระภิกษุ สามเณร นักบวชสตรี หรือ ผู้พิการ
พระภิกษุ สามเณร นักบวชสตรี หรือ ผู้พิการ

Tripitaka, 91 volumes, separate volumes
Remaining current as of 02/09/65
Volumes 4, 5, 29, 37, 38, 45, 52, 53, 60, 63, 66, 67, 71, 72, 74, 82, 83, 84 and 89.

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The applicant and the donor host

or inform via line trisikkha
or Line ID : dt17016 

or scan the barcode on this page

or press the LINE logo button on this page

(If you wish to remain anonymous Please notify me)

delivery tracking

by adding friends
with Line ID : dt17016

or scan this barcode

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In the case of a radio, MP3 player, there is a problem Please submit a claim or repair yourself at :

VGO IT shop 
Room B42, B43, 2nd Floor, IT Square Laksi Shopping Center (IT Square), Chaengwattana Rd., Talad Bangkhen, Laksi, Bangkok 10210 
Tel. 087-6777-199

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Bless you, bless you, in your faith and persistence.
The admin team will deliver it asap.
Please give some time to study what you get.
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