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The benefits of eating "dinner"

Die faster ... 
Dead, pay installment ...

The more you eat ...
That is ... the more installments, the faster you die.

how to do 
"Not old, not fat and long life"

the answer is
"Eat in the middle"

only eat breakfast Lunch 

and abstain from dinner

If we compare ourselves to a car Woke up this morning and had to fill up the oil first. or eat breakfast so the car can run Until noon, the oil hasn't run out yet. Fill it up again. Even in the evening before bed, it's still not exhausted. Prove it as follows.

Suppose that one large hard-boiled egg contains 50 grams of egg yolk, and 1 gram of cholesterol contains 9 calories, so 50 grams contains 450 calories.


You will need to exercise to use this energy. By riding a bicycle with a resistance of 1.3 kg. Speed at a bicycle pedal 60 rpm, riding for 60 minutes, will be exhausting, sweating all over. But only 300 calories of energy consumed by one egg is not enough!!

So, if you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you'll definitely have energy left. No need to add more 

Because when the body sleeps, the remaining energy will be stored in different places by the liver to do this work. If there is a lot of energy left Taking them to store in different places is a lot, making them fat, and of course, if you can't collect them all, especially those big fats, they will be stuck in your blood vessels. if accumulated how much The vascular holes are getting smaller every day. Less blood to the organs, the organs will deteriorate faster or get old faster. If the day is clogged as if a ton at the brain will become paraplegic If a blockage in the kidney requires dialysis, a kidney replacement, if a blockage occurs in the leg, the leg may need to be amputated. If the heart muscle will not have the opportunity to say goodbye to anyone

Therefore, dinner is a meal that speeds up the process. "Degeneration of every organ in the body" The body requires a lot of energy to burn food."

The more you eat dinner in large quantities. The faster the death, the more "dinner" is a dangerous meal. It's a supper

therefore means eating a lot of dinner The more installments, the faster you die. If you don't eat dinner, you will age slowly, deteriorate, and live longer.

Not eating dinner is a huge self-defeat. 
If anyone can do it, they will cut off their passion, good health, long life and good concentration, high determination. but benefit both body and mind, but you must train your stomach to get used to it 


There are 4 methods of training.


1. Gradually reduce the amount of dinner. Little by little, for example, reducing the amount of rice from 2 dishes to 1 1/2 dishes for 3-4 months with a condition After dinner, do not eat any food except water. Once the stomach is used to it, it is reduced to 1 plate, then half a plate. I don't eat rice anymore, I just eat with next eat fruits and vegetables Finally, no dinner

2. Shorten the time for eating dinner, for example, from 8:00 PM to 7:00 PM and then postpone to 6:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 3:00 PM.

3. Eat basil seeds instead of dinner. Take 2 tablespoons of basil seeds in a cup of soup or water, stir and drink immediately. Drink another 4-5 glasses of water.

4. Eat a vegetarian dinner Eating fruits and vegetables is considered a non-toxic food. The body will not have to break the poison of meat food. Toxins accumulated before will be eliminated by the liver and kidneys. The body has up to 18 hours to get rid of the toxins that come with breakfast. lunch time


Therefore, not eating dinner is the time when the liver and kidneys are able to eliminate toxins from breakfast and lunch. The body is pure every day.

Did you know that? Why is the Lord Buddha Therefore, His Majesty gave me only 2 meals: "Morning with Pale" only, so it would be appropriate.


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