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Dharma offering project according to the Tripitaka in book form and flash drive with an MP3 player for monks all over Thailand

December 17, 2021
offer Chao Khun Phramongkolthirakhun
Deputy Abbot of Wat Yanavesakawan at Wat Yanavesakawan

วัดญาณเวศกวัน 1_resize.jpg

Dharma flash drive presented, lectured by
Phra Ajarn Sombat Nanthiko
with radio MP3 player with user manual 
7 sets


each book  namely

1. Life Problems of Animals 6 Books
2. Karma and Karma 20 books
3. Yonisomanasikarn 20 books
4. Kayanupassana Satipatthana, Ariyabhatha, 20 books

5. The Five Precepts, 50 books
6. Mahasarakham 5 books
7. Sammaditthi 5 books
8. The Buddha's Footprint Set, Volumes 1, 2 and 3

​Colonel Thongchai Saengratproject president

Female Doctor Duangthip Soonthorn SecretaryVice President
Mr. Santi TechakarakulPublish a book


by having given
Associate Professor Dr. Methinin Pinyuchon Ajarn Kannikar​ Kanjananukul
as a representative of the project

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วัดญาณเวศกวัน 2_resize.jpg
วัดญาณเวศกวัน 4_resize.jpg
วัดญาณเวศกวัน 3_resize.jpg
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